Infrared Coagulation (IRC) Hemorrhoid Treatments

The minimally invasive infrared coagulation (IRC) treatment is a safe and fast way to treat hemorrhoids. The treatment has been FDA approved since 1984 and has become the preferred method for treatment due to its benefits compared to other hemorrhoid treatments. Most patients are eligible for IRC, although it may not be the best choice for every person. Dr. Clemens can help you understand whether it’s the right option for you and answer any questions you have regarding the procedure.

Frequency of Treatment

Most patients require four to five treatments. Each session is performed one to four weeks apart depending on scheduling and your reaction to the treatment. The procedure is very fast, and generally only requires a few minutes.

How Does IRC Work?

The infrared coagulation device directs infrared light on the internal hemorrhoid, which causes the root blood vessels to retract, which in turn alleviates symptoms internally and externally. Patients generally feel nothing more than a warm sensation or slight sting. Usually, patients tolerate this procedure well. It is performed without anesthesia, because it is not needed. The patient is not required to perform any special preparations before the procedure. Most patients can return to work, exercise, as well as take care of their household and family the same day.