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Anal Discomfort

Betsy  F.  Clemens, M.D. -  - Board Certified Physician

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Betsy F. Clemens, M.D.

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At some point in our lives, we will all experience some form of anal discomfort. This discomfort recurs frequently or symptoms don’t seem to get better, a medical evaluation might be necessary. At Midwest Hemorrhoid Treatment Center in Creve Coeur, Missouri, Betsy Clemens, MD, and her staff can provide a thorough evaluation is to identify the cause of your anal discomfort. Call or message Midwest Hemorrhoid Treatment Center to schedule your consultation.

Anal Discomfort Q & A

What is anal discomfort?

As the term implies, anal discomfort refers to any type of symptom that causes you discomfort in the anal region. Most commonly, these symptoms include:

  • Itching
  • Irritation
  • Minor pain
  • Pain with bowel movement
  • Spotting

Even symptoms that don’t cause direct pain or irritation, such as spotting or odor, can signify an underlying medical condition; so it is important to seek medical help for these types of symptoms as well.

What are the common causes of anal discomfort?

There are a variety of potential causes of anal discomfort; several of which may share similar symptoms, making self-diagnosis impossible and the expertise of a medical professional imperative and they have several symptoms in common. Some of the more common include:


These enlarged blood vessels develop at the opening of your anus and inside your lower rectum. They can lead to itching, irritation, and painless bleeding.


Stress or irritation of the skin around your anus can lead to small rips or tears in your skin. Those rips/tears are called fissures. Despite their small size, fissures can be quite painful, if left untreated.


Passing hard stools and the straining associated with constipation can result in pain as well as increased risk for developing hemorrhoids.


Bouts of diarrhea can lead to irritation of the skin around your anus, particularly from frequent wiping.

Other, less common causes of discomfort can include warts, abscesses, polyps, and even certain illnesses such as Crohn’s disease. It’s because of these more serious possibilities that a proper diagnosis is the most vital aspect of your care.

How is anal discomfort treated?

Treatment for anal discomfort depends on the symptoms you’re experiencing. If you’re enduring frequent itching or irritation, Dr. Clemens might prescribe a topical cream to soothe the area and prevent further irritation. Warm baths and wiping with moist towelettes can also soothe the area and avoid future irritation.

If your symptoms are the result of an underlying condition, such as hemorrhoids, frequent constipation or fissures, Dr. Clemens and her staff will need to provide appropriate treatment for these issues before your symptoms can improve. A proper diagnosis will help identify the best course of treatment for your symptoms.

Are you suffering from chronic anal discomfort? A thorough consult and exam with Dr. Clemens and her team can help isolate the cause and put you on the path to relief. Call or message the office of Midwest Hemorrhoid Treatment Center to schedule your consultation.