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Anal Pain

Betsy  F.  Clemens, M.D. -  - Board Certified Physician

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Pain centered on and around the anus is not only very uncomfortable, but often scary or worrisome. A wide variety of conditions can lead to anal pain, some relatively benign or common, and others more serious. At Midwest Hemorrhoid Treatment Center in Creve Coeur, Missouri, Betsy Clemens, MD, provides expert and passionate care for what can often prove an embarrassing condition. If you’re experiencing anal pain, don’t hesitate to seek help. Call or message the office of Midwest Hemorrhoid Treatment Center to schedule your consultation.

Anal Pain Q & A

What is anal pain?

Anal pain can range in severity, from a mild, long-lasting ache to a severe, sharp pain that restricts your ability to move. This pain often occurs during or after bowel movements and can last for hours afterward.

Anal pain can also occur alongside other symptoms, such as itchiness or irritation. If you exhibit a fever in combination with your anal pain, you should seek immediate medical help.

What causes anal pain?

As with anal itching, a variety of conditions can lead to anal pain. Some of the most common include:

Thrombosed hemorrhoids

While external hemorrhoids tend to itch or feel uncomfortable, thrombosed hemorrhoids can swell to the point of becoming quite painful.

Anal fissures

Passing hard stools or excess straining during bowel movements can lead to anal fissures. These small tears affect your rectal lining and can become quite painful.

Certain skin conditions

Common skin conditions can also affect the skin around your anus, leading to itching, irritation, and possible pain. This includes conditions such as warts, which can become inflamed from bowel movements or wiping.

Certain infections

Fungal infections, sexually transmitted infections, and other types of infections can affect your anus, leading to irritation and pain.

How is anal pain treated?

Treatment for your anal pain depends on your underlying symptoms. Prior to treatment, Dr. Clemens will perform a thorough diagnosis, including reviewing your medical history and observing the pain area.

If your pain is the result of a thrombosed hemorrhoid or anal fissure, Dr. Clemens will take the steps to treat this problem first. In most cases, your pain should subside with successful treatment, though you might also need to make a few lifestyle changes to prevent recurrence.

Pain brought on by frequent skin irritation or constipation is treatable with topical creams and lifestyle changes. For skin irritation brought on by skin infections or medical conditions, Dr. Clemens and her team will refer you to a dermatologist for treatment.

Finally, anal pain caused by more serious conditions such as anal cancer or gastrointestinal concerns will need further evaluation by a specialist, whom Dr. Clemens will recommend.

Don’t put off treatment of your anal pain out of embarrassment. A proper evaluation is important to ensure you’re in good health. Call Dr. Clemens at Midwest Hemorrhoid Treatment Center to schedule your consultation, or book it online.